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A refreshing retreat in the shade, this backyard garden is
the perfect place to hide in the summer heat. Bold
statement planters add height to the raised planting beds
and help to draw the eye up in an otherwise narrow space.

Custom outdoor mirrors framed with classic detailing
anchor the sitting and dining areas to create strong focal
points amid twirling English Ivy and Hydrangea vines.

The planting beds were divided between beach pebbles
and native woodland perennials to add texture and depth
to the space. Complete with accent lighting on the
planters and a new pendent fixture in the pergola, the
garden comes to life at night.
Remodeling and Home Design
There is more to gardening than
showy Geraniums and pink
Petunias.  My favorite part of
selecting plants is that you can
eventually look past the show
stopping floriferous spectacles
and appreciate smaller details of
plants that are often overlooked.
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